Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dispersion Effect In Photoshop

Photoshop Dispersion effect is pretty much cool. But it takes long time for the user to do it. This requires Splatter Brushes , So if you want you can simply download it from Google. Some maybe really confused to do this but if you follow my steps you can do it simply.

 1st Step : Go to File / New and create a white background with Width 1500 and Height 1105.

 2nd Step : Create a new layer.

3rd Step : Open up the picture you’re going to do the dispersion effect.

 4th Step : Make a selection around the image with Quick selection tool or Polygonal lasso tool. I recommend to use Quick selection tool because its quick and easy.

5th Step : Now Edit / Copy.

6th Step : And Paste it on the White background with formed earlier. Make sure to click on the Layer not the Background. Paste it either to the right side or left side.

7th Step : When you have clicked on Layer 1 make two copies of it by pressing Ctrl + J double times.

8th Step : Drag down the Layer  1 to the above Layer 1 copy. Layer 1 should be in the middle of Layer 1 copy 2 and Layer 1 copy.

 9th Step : Click on the Layer 1 copy and Select the Move tool or else just press V.

10th Step : Just move the Copied image either to right or left. Make sure its behind the original image.

11th Step : Do the same thing to the Layer 1 copy 2.

 12th Step : Create a layer mask for the Layer 1 copy 2 and layer 1 copy.

 13th Step : And now by clicking on the second Icon which is highlighted on the photo Press Ctrl + I. Use this for both Layer 1 copy and Layer 1 copy 2.

 14th Step : Now just create a white layer mask for Layer 1 . Don’t press Ctrl + I on that layer.

15th Step : By clicking on the Layer 1 select a splatter brush and start painting as I did. As I told earlier you can download a good splatter brush from Google. Make sure the color selected is Black on the brush

 NOTE : When coloring use different types of brushes to get a good look and also if you done a mistake you can use Ctrl + z to delete it. Make sure to toggle the brush panel to the the angle and others.

16th Step : Now click on Layer 1 copy and again Select the Brush now make sure to flip the color to White.

17th Step : Now start coloring again as I did.

18th Step : Now Click on layer 1 copy 2 and Start Coloring again.

19th Step : Now you’re almost done . Apply the layer mask for all the 3 layers like I did.

20th Step : Now hold Ctrl and select all three layers and press Merge Visible.

21st Step : Now done you can save your image. If you have any doubts you can leave it in the comment bar.

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