Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oil Paint Effect In Photoshop

This would be the easiest tutorial you could ever do with Photoshop CS6 . This will not work on older versions of Photoshop. Just  follow my my steps then you’ll be done.

1st step : Open up the image by going File / Open.

 2nd step : And then duplicate the layer .

 3rd step : Now Go to Filter / Oil paint .

 4th step : You will get a box like the above one. Adjust the setting as I did , make everything full Stylization, Cleanliness, Scale, Bristle detail all into 10 and keep the Angular distance to 360 degrees. Keep the Shine to 0 and click Ok.

 5th step : Now you’re done save your image.

Heres a final look before and after Oil paint effect.

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  1. The cool thing about Photoshop’s Filter Gallery is that it’s almost like a Layers palette for filter effects, meaning that we can stack filters on top of each other, just as we stack layers in the Layers palette, effectively combining the filters together to create effects that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.
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  2. Excellent tutorial But my Photoshop has no oil paint effect. Could I use Photoshop CS3

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