Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Change Hair Color And Apply Contact Lenses In Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to change hair color and add contact lenses in Photoshop. This will basically work for all the versions. This tutorial will not take long time for the user to do it. If you want some new brushes for applying contact lenses you can download it from Google. So now lets get started.

 1st Step : Open up the image by going File / Open or just double click on the open space.

 2nd Step : Create two new Layers.

 3rd Step : Now click on Layer 1.

  4th Step : Take out the Brush tool from the tool bar or Just pressing B.

 5th Step : And now Zoom out the Eye by taking the Zoom tool or Pressing Z

  6th Step : You can pick a color by Pressing Color Picker and you can change the size of the brush by Right clicking. Make sure the hardness in set around 0 and Opacity is set around 100.

  7th Step : Now start coloring as I did on the picture to the both eyes.

 8th Step : Now change the blending mode to Overlay or Soft light.

 9th Step : You have successfully added a contact lenses your image now. You must get something like this.

 10th Step : Now we’ll see how to change the hair color. Click on the Layer 2.

  11th Step : And now select a brush as I told earlier click on Brush tool or simply press B. With the same setting Hardness 0 , Opacity 100 Start coloring the Hair. You can also select a color by Color Picker.

  12th Step : After Coloring change the Blending mode again to Softlight.

 13th Step : Now merge two Layers , Press and hold Ctrl and Right click / Merge Visible.

  14th Step : You have successfully changed hair color and Applied Contact Lenses. Now save you image.

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