Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Turn Your Photos Into Pencil Sketch In Photoshop

Turn your photos easily into a pencil sketch by this improved Photoshop  CS6 elements . I’ll be using using Photoshop CS6 and it will also work for other versions. All you have to do is just follow my steps and you’ll get successful.

1st step :  Open up the image  by going File / Open and then select a photo.

2nd step :  Go to Windows / Action / Create a new action and then rename into anything you want and press Record.

 3rd step :  Now create a new layer by pressing Ctrl + J .

4th step :  Now Go to Image / Adjustments / Desaturate .

 5th step :  Again Ctrl = J 

7th step :  Hit Ctrl + I and change the blending mode to Color Dodge.

8th step :  Go to Layer / Smart objects / Convert to smart objects.

9th step :  Go to Filter / Blur / Motion Blur .

10th step :  You will get a dialog box after the above process then you need to keep the angle at 30 – 35 degrees and adjust the distance until it satisfies you and click Ok.

Final Step : Now you’re done you need to save your image that has been converted by going File / Save as and browse the location you want to save the image.

Thank you for viewing my post more and more Photoshop tutorials will be coming.

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