Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How To Face Swap In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will be showing  you how to face swap in Photoshop. I will be using the new version Photoshop CS6 and I don’t think this will work for older versions like CS2 and others. For this tutorial there is a auto blend feature which will automatically change face colors and others .Faceswap is pretty much interesting and also will be easy if you follow my steps.

 1st step : Open up the image which you are wishing to face swap .

2nd step : Duplicate the layer and click Ok . Don’t rename it make it as Background Copy.

3rd step : Open up the image which you’re wishing to cut.

4th step : Now start cutting as I did by selcting Polygonol Lasso Tool.

5th step : And now Edit / Copy.

6th step : And paste it in the other photo by doing Edit / Paste.

7th step : Now set the Opacity to below 50 , Press Ctrl + t , adjust the face until it perfectly matches and apply it.

8th step : Right click on the layer icon and and Select / Pixels .

9th step : Select / Inverse

10th step : Now select modify expand and expand by any number you want below 10 that’s according to your image and click Ok.

11th step : Again Select / Inverse .

12th step : Make only the background copy layer visible and press Del on your keyboard.

13th step : Select / Deselect .

14th step : Now make background copy and layer 1 visible.

15th step : Then select those 2 by holding Ctrl.

16th step : Now go to Edit / Auto blend layer / Panaroma and click Ok.

17th step : Now merge all the layers by holding Ctrl and right clicking all 3 layers.

18th step : Now you’re done save your photo. Hope it work for you J

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  1. Okay, I am using photoshop CS6 and I can't see the auto blend layer..Any help?


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