Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How To Make A Person Look Fair In Photoshop

Make yourself look fair with new Photoshop Cs6 elements this process is also used for lightening skin. This is very easy if you just follow my steps. This wouldn’t make much difference but I am sure it will satisfy yourself.

1st step : Open up the image by pressing  File/open .

2nd step : Then create a duplicate layer by pressing Layer/duplicate layer

3rd step : Press Q to enter in to mask selection mode and Press B to select round brush tool.

4th step :Select the color as Red and set the opacity around 1-10. 

5th step : Now start coloring the area which you need to make fair.

6th step :  Now press L and select the areas which you have colored.

7th step : Go to Layer/New adjustment layer/Color balance. And name it as your wish.

8th step : Last adjust Shadows,Midtones,Highlights everything into  +25.

 Final step : You have successfully made your image look fair  ^_^

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  1. Ok But after i have finished the color balance what do i press to make the skin color change?


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