Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How To Create A Collage Of Polaroid Photos In Photoshop

This is a tutorial about how to make a polaroid collage of Photos in Photoshop. This is going to be a pretty much long tutorial as it needs much time to do it. You must be very concerned about the Layers in doing this tutorial. Ok so let’s get started.

1st Step : Open up the image by going File/ Open.

 2nd Step : Create a new Layer by Layer/ New /Layer  or simply as I did on the image.

 3rd Step : Grab the Rectangular marquee tool by pressing M.

4th Step : Cut out a square selection in the image as I did.

 5th Step : Set the Foreground color brightness to 50 and Click Ok.

6th Step : Now press Alt + Delete. It should be something like this.

 7th Step : Create a new Layer, when you create press Ctrl to place it under the original Layer.

8th Step : Go to Select/ Transform Selection.

 9th Step : Now you can drag out the selection to make it look like a polaroid photo.

10th Step : Now press Ctrl + delete then Ctrl + d.

.11th Step : Now Go to Fx/ Drop Shadow.

12th Step : You should get a dialog box like this then you must adjust the setting to Opacity 40 % and Angle 120 degress and click Ok.

13th Step : Now Highlight Layer 1 and Layer by holding Ctrl and clicking on both the layers.

14th Step : Press Ctrl + t rotate the layers.

15th Step : Now click only on Layer 1. When you’re clicking press ctrl to select the layer inside. If you can’t make a selection inside by ctrl clicking just take the Magic wand tool and make a selection.

After doing it should be selected like this.

16th Step : Now delete the Layer 1 by right clicking on the Layer and Delete Layer.

Since you have selected the inside Layer after deleting the pic should be like this.

17th Step : Click on background and press ctrl + j and create layer 3.

18th Step : Drag Layer 3 above Layer 2.

After doing  you will be able to get the First Polaroid photo montage.

 19th Step : Now to take the other Polaroid photos, highlight Layer 2 and Layer 3 by pressing Ctrl and duplicate those 2 Layers.

20th Step : After you duplicate those 2 Layers, Grab the Move tool by tool bar or simply press V.

21st Step : Now take the Copy to a new Location. If you want you can rotate the new copy by pressing Ctrl + t.

22nd Step : Now again as I told, click only on Layer 3 copy and make a selection inside the photo. You can do it by Ctrl + clicking on the image or just grab the Magic wand tool and make the selection.

Below picture shows the second image Layer got selected inside the Photo.

 23rd Step : Now again delete the Layer 3 copy. You should get something like this.

24th Step : Now click on Background and Ctrl + J and place it above Layer 2 copy.

Continue the above process to completely get filled with Polaroid Photos. Don’t get confused with the Layers. First duplicate those 2 top layers and place it below the Background and move the new selection to a new location and transform it by pressing Ctrl + t. And then click on the above Layer which you selected before and make a selection inside, delete it and click on background , Ctrl + J and place it above the Layer which you selected before.

25th Step : After doing all the process you should get a image like this.

26th Step : You can click on the Eye icon to only views the selected polaroid photos not the others.

27th Step : Now select all the Layers by Shift + bottom Layer to the top Layer and Ctrl + E. When you merge all the Layers make sure not to click on Background.

28th Step : Find a good background or Texture from a website and Open it.

 29th Step : Now while on the Background Go to Edit/ Define Pattern and Click Ok.

30th Step : Now go to the Poloroid document and create a new Layer while you create press Ctrl.

Make sure the Background is not visible.

31st Step : Click on Layer 5 and Adjustment Layer icon and choose Pattern.

Depending on the Poloroid image you have you can adjust the scale you want. I selected 91.

32nd Step : Ctrl +Click on those 2 pattern Layers and right click , Merge visible.

33rd Step : Now everything is done you can save your image. This is a little tough tutorial if you have any doubts , leave it in the comment bar.

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