Friday, November 15, 2013

Smoke Effect Photoshop

Create a realistic Smoke effects with the Photoshop CS6 elements. This does not require much time like the readers think. There are many ways to do this, but I will teach the easiest way. Ok, so let’s get started.

1st Step : Open up your picture by going File/ Open.

NOTE: When choosing your picture, it’s better for you to take a photo with Black background.

2nd Step : Grab the brush tool and make sure that White is your foreground color.

3rd Step : And also make sure that the Opacity is above 50% and  in the brush Presets check shape dynamics and smoothing.

4th Step : Now Create a New Layer by going Layer/New/Layer.

5th Step : Now start coloring as I did in the picture. Change the brush size according to the size of the picture.

6th Step : Don’t be worried about how it looks now, it will be better later on. After coloring Press Ctrl + T and Press the wrap tool.

7th Step : Now wrap the smoke until it perfectly matches the tea cup and then press Enter.

8th Step : Now go to Filter/ Other/ Maximum.

9th Step : And then a dialog box appears, adjust the radius of pixels until it perfectly matches for you in the form of a real smoke.

Again if you’re not satisfied with the shape of the smoke you can again Wrap it by Pressing Ctrl + T.

10 Step : Now we’re going to add some smart filters for our smoke for doing that go to Filter/ Convert to smart filters and click Ok.

11th Step : Now go to Filter/ Blur/ Surface blur.

12th Step : After that a dialog box appears, adjust the Radius and Threshold until it perfectly matches the smoke. I’ll be using Radius 17 and Threshold 41.

13th Step : Now you’re done you can save up your image by going File/ Save as.

If you have any doubt please feel free to comment, I’ll be helping you J

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